The Communications Division of Healthsite Associates specializes in freelance writing, lifestyle management training, and motivational speaking. The President of this division is Mary Jo Blackwood. Go through the pages of this site to find out all about Mary Jo and the services offered by Healthsite Associates Health Communication division.


Writing and Editing: Mary Jo produces a wide range of health and medical pieces, such as employee communication, newsletters, white papers, medical-technical writing, as well as extensive general lay audience pieces on travel and health. Editing services include turning jargon into English, and editing for clarity, organization and content. She is proficient in instructional design: advertorials, press releases, creating programs for specific audiences that any skilled instructor can teach, complete with instructor's manual, script, participant handouts, and audiovisual aids.


Training/Motivational speaking: Getting older is no joke, so we must actively seek out the humor, along with finding ways to make every day more meaningful. Mary Jo creates inspiring upbeat presentations on aging well and making a difference; medical self-care; and learning from life-threatening disease.


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"It's great to soar with the eagles, but weasels donít get sucked into jet engines!"



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"There exists not a shred of evidence that life is serious."